Services offered!

Dr. Jeanette Gallagher has many avenues of providing solution based support for personal or small business. She has a  varied basis of healthcare experience for almost four decades now and from patient support to provider practice building, Dr. J. has truly seen the best and worst in healthcare.  While it may be a new concept to some people, the idea that what you realized about healthcare is NOT really the whole story, it is what Dr. J. sees through unfiltered eyes.  Her consulting options are designed to listen to your concerns and answer with ways for you to make changes in your life.  No situations are excluded and everything is fair game for discussion.

Personal designed programs are available for children and adults.  Wellness and life direction with support mechanisms are vital parts of healing.  Request time here.

Teleconferences for groups can be developed around any topic you may desire.  To present your topic, please submit it, along with the type of teleseminar and group participants you would have on this page.

Healthcare providers who are having any type of issues in their practice can schedule a brief complimentary 30 minute introduction with Dr. Gallagher by sending a request here.  She offers unique insight that may help you create an environment which reflects your goals  for your business.  Her work is done through the perspective of the patient and business support educator.

If you are a grocery store and would like to speak with Dr. Gallagher about how you can change or improve your business, submit a request here.  Insight is from the perspective of the customer.  Product referrals to carry in your store may also be available.

Restaurant owners may also have a complimentary time to speak with Dr. J. and discuss what they are currently doing in their business and what direction they would like to see for the future.  As healthy eating becomes a large part of restaurant business, the thought of how that looks to the customer or the health advocate can be a challenge.  The perspective is from the customer and health advocate.  Submit a request here.

All concerns are welcome.  Dr. Gallagher can also be emailed directly at: