Products of interest and referrals

Dr. Gallagher will be listing products she, herself uses and recommends for others in the blog postings.  These products have been reviewed and used extensively by her children, other family members and clients.  All items will be noted for ease of use, cost effectiveness, suggestions on when or how to use the product, also any concerns to be noted prior to use.  All products come with links to purchase or links to find more information.

Reviews and submission requests submit here:

We welcome new natural, safe and timely products to review.  If you have any products that are in line with Dr. Gallagher’s philosophy and you wish for them to be reviewed, please use the contact us page on the main website.  We do not accept products that are inappropriate for all ages and have too many questions as to their safety.  We do not accept sexual, inappropriately graphic, or MLM items.  We have the full right to delete any such messages and you will be banned from this site.  There may be new companies just starting up that are in the focus of this program and may be seeming to be an MLM, however, they are investing and distribution focused.

Discussions on products:

You may at times, find reviews of products under this listing.  It may be a product for the cold season and I will discuss more about its importance.  This is not meant to be a push for selling, it is suggesting items that improve general health and how to find them.  Feel free to compare products and other information out there about these items.  Dr. J. has done extensive research on the companies that are popping up all over the internet.  Her recommendations at times may reference a particular company.  To the best of her knowledge and experience with the company, this is the company she personally uses.  Use your best judgement.  In the end, it is what works for you that matters.