Was your ‘stockpile’ of food and other supplies damaged by Hurricane Irene or flooding of tropical storm Lee?

Since the economy has tanked in the past few years, people who have suffered losses are taking to stockpiling.  What does this mean?  Every time they visit the grocery store, they visit the… Continue reading

Food manufacturers sneeking vegetables into their foods for kids

Are you kidding me??  Is this really true?  What is the purpose of it?  Why??? Parents, these are your children, their life was entrusted to you.  You are responsible for their healthy upbringing. … Continue reading

School lunches issue growing………..

Again today I received an email from environmental/health advocates and read it with concern.  If you are a parent, I am sure you are as confused as I with all the dogma that… Continue reading

New Test for heart, CRP?

Just as reported on Nightly News this day, the test is not new, nor is the application.  So why do so few people actually get the test routinely? Well, yes, payment, that is… Continue reading

Packing dangerous school lunches controversy

Whooaaa people, chill!!! This topic has taken squabbles to a new height.  Defensive parents and media opportunists have skewed their take on this topic.  I even just yesterday, saw an article about school… Continue reading

School Lunch PB&J variations

School started here in the deep South this week.  Although with the heat index over 100 for over a month now, it may seem like a great thing to be in air conditioning… Continue reading

Food Revolution Create Your Own

Looking at the recent lunch prepared for the young children on the reality show Food Revolution, let’s see how to make improvements. Questions to ask: 1.  do children this age need all that… Continue reading

A chip vs An apple??

In an area of the country where the majority of the population is unfit, unhealthy and uninsured, you wonder. What are they thinking? Well, they are not thinking, it is just that! The… Continue reading

Food Revolution Ryan Seacrest are you out there??

Last night I watched the new show Food Revolution. Ryan, oh Ryan, Ryan, oh Ryan. What were you thinking?? Did you pass this by your mother first?? The English men and the Californians… Continue reading

Meat vs. Produce

Thought for today: If I have a limited budget and I am working fresh vegetables into my daily food intake note: one pound of hamburger is $2.49 on sale this week and one… Continue reading

Who is next to you??

Notice anything in this picture? We did. We thought perhaps the bird just had it’s leg up or it was turned. So we decided to check our other five photos of the same… Continue reading

Do you have all the ‘right’ questions for your doctor?

Ask yourself:  the healthcare community always teaches:  ‘do not get involved in the patients’ personal life.  You are here to help them with the situation at hand.  Do not ask about other situations,… Continue reading

Out of the Box Healthcare

Dr. Gallagher has many blogs and each week will write about pertinent issues in the media, new developments in healthcare, questions that are raised about hot topics and even questions she has regarding… Continue reading