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What is Moment to Moment Living?

Have you noticed your life is so different that it was just a few years ago?  Are you still doing things the way you used to do them or have circumstances required you… Continue reading

Cleaner trauma conditions post natural earth event possible? Yes, it should be supplied to disaster areas immediately following an event, but is it??

Have you ever had the need to access trauma care post a natural disaster?  I have. Have you ever wondered about that care?  I have. Have you ever thought ‘I will take what… Continue reading

Out of the Box healthcare support? What are you waiting for? 2012 change!

In the past year, I have had calls from so many people who had just been diagnosed with a serious and potentially fatal disease.  What has been so unique about the requests for… Continue reading

Out of the Box Healthcare

Dr. Gallagher has many blogs and each week will write about pertinent issues in the media, new developments in healthcare, questions that are raised about hot topics and even questions she has regarding… Continue reading