Out of the Box Healthcare

This blog has been created to help you decipher the ever changing landscape in healthcare. Dr. Gallagher is available to help you, whether you are a healthcare professional looking to improve the efficiency of your office or you are a healthcare patient looking to improve your personal well-being. 

We will be discussing change, how to make it, how to decide what you want and how to change habits.  These days we are bombarded with everyone from your neighbor to the reality shows telling you what you should be eating, what you should make sure you have for the future, what you need to be doing in this particular phase of life, and on and on.  Really all you are thinking is, ‘how the heck do I decide for me? and how do I get there’?  This is the process of Out of the Box Healthcare.  Take what you know, think about what you want and decide how to get there.  A paradigm change for some, but a ridge of super high mountains to climb for others.  Check us out, we are the guides.  Hop on your mule and ride the ridges!!  See you on the other side.  Dr. Gallagher’s bio here.