Saving money and becoming debt free in an economic slump? Yes!

How to be debt free and keep a saving account in an economy that seems to be tanking monthly for some reason or another; is that possible?  Are you living on plastic with debit and credit cards?  Do you pay everything online and rarely hold real cash in your hands these days?  Automatic paycheck deposits and bill withdrawals a norm for you?

Yikes!  You struggle to keep your job, do everything to make a paycheck for Friday, become highly educated, learn skills to apply to your work and at the end of it all, you are still under the bottom line, in debt.  Why?  You are doing everything right and still you seem to be living a life of lack.

On my radio show, my guest, David Kimball shared his experience with helping people on an individual basis to achieve a life free of negative actions regarding money.  He explains how it is so very important to cash your check at the end of the week, feel the money, separate it out and see what is really there and what is left.  It is so easy to live a life of illusion with regards to money; if you need something you just get it as long as the cards work.  If you need something and go to pay with what is in your pocket, the well will run dry.

Have you paid your bills prior to spending for the ‘paycheck day’ dinner or night out?  Dollars are not elastic and meant to be stretched without results.  There is only so much you can do with your money and it is the time to step up and take the responsibility of where you are in life, what you make and what you spend.  No one can do it for you but David can help you on a weekly basis or more often as you need to develop a plan that works just for you.  His individual support is what makes the difference in success and failure with money by developing habits that will stay with you for life.

Think you are beyond help and retreating to online credit counseling companies?  Stop, David has better answers.  His website is stocked with tips, saving sites, words of wisdom and solutions that you can save some money today.  Check it out here.  Want to be debt free and start saving now so next year will be easier for you, check out David Kimball for personal support.