The Take Charge Patient, are you one? Why not?

Are you The Take Charge Patient?  Did you even know there was one?  So, how was your last visit to your doctor?  Productive, full of answers, you felt listened to, you came away with a sense of good health, you know in language you can understand what is wrong with your health; is this the result of your last interaction with a healthcare provider? Time to take charge of your health and direct your care.

So many people arrive at the doctor’s office with insurance card in hand and a few symptoms expecting and demanding to be cured.  How can you possibly expect to be correctly diagnosed if you are giving the doctor what you can recall off the top of your head, maybe what you wish to selectively disclose, and keep your lengthily medical history in some random receipt box somewhere.

My radio guest, Martine Ehrenclou, author of The Take Charge Patient, spoke with me about how she started to take control of her own health and the positive results followed.  Her book is full of tips and check lists to prepare and review before any medical appointment or treatment.  The book is extensive in providing information to prevent medical errors, get better health care, how to interact with your doctor, how to get the most from your insurance carrier and how to keep your own medical records.

Martine is a medical write and lecturer for healthcare providers and patient based groups to share the message of patient responsibility.  The Take Charge Patient is the new reality in healthcare so busy with computers, multitasking and changes in the delivery of healthcare.