Non-GMO seeds in your future? Want to start planting your own safe food? Territorial Seed Company to the rescue

Notice that Prop 37 did not pass in California this past election day?  What does that mean or why should I care?  You should care because you do not know if the food you are eating has been genetically modified.  How does that come about?  Seeds are the beginning.  Genetically modified seeds are increasing exponentially in the marketplace and the reasons are also exponentially increasing as the reasons to use or not is being challenged.

I challenge you to plant your own food, be it starting in a window box or on your acre of land, but use only non-GMO seeds.  They can be found at Territorial Seed Company in Oregon.  Joshua Kirschenbaum was my radio guest and we spoke about the wonderment of growing fresh fruits and vegetables from seeds.  Everyone can grow something to eat even if it is your first time dropping a seed into dirt or even if you have planted in the past and everything died, Joshua can help you have a productive garden.  Do not despair.  You can do it.

Did you ever see ‘orange cauliflower’?  Me neither.  Territorial Seed Company has the seeds for this.  What about ‘cube of butter’ squash or ‘bright lights’ Swiss chard?  They look like eye candy to this foodie!  My dream is to have all the fabulous seeds from the spring catalog sample planted on mountain acres and sit in its presence as it grows the full season.  Ah, what a glorious sight.  Any one up for this challenge, let me know so I can visit and share your wonderful project.

Instead of complaining about the random food supply, cost of eating healthy, and your various healthcare concerns, step up and take responsibility for feeding your body what it needs from your own garden.  Nothing is better than fresh from the plant directly to plate.  Territorial Seed Company has seeds for all your needs and also supplies to get started.  If you don’t know how to start or have questions about what will grow in your area, call them and ask.  Be a farmer on your patio or yard and share the abundance with those all around you.