NO Diapers for Incontinence! Wearever briefs for men and panty for women

Why do diapers for incontinence when there is another solution for men and women?  Wearever briefs that look like other mens briefs and panties for women made of silk and lace are the best thing for urine leakage.  From one drop with a sneeze to inability to make it to the rest room, Wearever has you covered.

I challenge you to put these panties or briefs on and have anyone know you are wearing protection.  There is an absorbent pad sewn into the garment and it has various thickness for your special absorbent needs.

If you have a personal need for this item, are going to visit your elderly family over the holidays and see diapers or sanitary napkins in the bathroom, or know if there are others who do not leave their homes for fear of leakage embarrassment, please listen to my radio show as we discuss this product and how it can help you. 

Having urinary issues is not something everyone raises their hand for a sample and displays it with joy.  Loss of dignity, fear of odors or wetness, and even the bulkiness or rustling of a plastic diaper can change an active human being into a recluse.  Do not allow yourself or others to fall victim to thinking there is no one offering a helpful product with style, discretion, and almost invisible protection, we have the product here.

Call them for help in ordering and sizing concerns.  If you are looking to take these to other family members, call Wearever and discuss your particular concerns, they are there to offer help.

Life is here to be lived to the fullest and being an active participant is the goal.  Wearever incontinence panties and briefs are wonderful to try.  Ditch the diapers and come back to style and protection with their products.  The website to order is here.