Healthy choice of cookie? Almondina brand Biscotti fits the bill

Have you ever heard of Almondina brand biscotti biscuits?  Me neither.  I was looking for ‘something’ that would satisfy my sweet, crunch and salt cravings without all the chemicals, hard to pronounce words and ‘bad for you’ oils.  I found the answer and share it with everyone who will listen.

My guest on the radio, Yuval Zaliouk, who is the owner of Almondina, a company of his family recipes, shared the wonderful product with us.

I was shocked to hear Yuval say “there is no oil in our entire company”.  I could not believe that to be so and looked at the ingredients on the packages I had here at home.  NO OIL!  NO crazy words I could not pronounce.  Only:  eggs, almonds at 20%, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, real ginger, raisins, pure cane sugar, wheat flour, and barley flour.  That is it!  Cholesterol and sodium not here!

We are all trying to eat better and just a small snack that is good for you can be added.  Kids love these and it is a good choice to have these at home for after school or in lunch boxes.

Almondina brand biscuits are available in many chain grocery stores and are probably in your store right now.  What I did notice, they were not along the shelf with the regular cookies, they were set out with gourmet items or along the bakery and deli aisle.  If you do not see them next time you are at the store, go here to their website and put in your zip code to find a store near you.  There are also gift boxes available on the internet to try many different types of the biscuits or to ship as gifts.  Ordering online, you will get them fresh from the company.  What could be better than that!

Try Almondina and let me know your thoughts.  If you have a suggestion for a new flavor, send them a note, I am sure they would love to hear from their customers.