Clipeze Badge Holder: product launch from a home computer and $500 to a 6 digit company

Clipeze‘, what is it?  Why should I be interested?  Because if you have a product that you have been thinking about, writing all over napkins about it, and wishing you could ‘go big’ with it, now is the time.  Clipeze is a badge holder product that Gary Bronga developed from his home, on his computer and with $500., made a go of it.  Gary has written the path he has taken and outlined all the important factors to having a product in the market in his book “Bringing a Product to Market From Your Home”.

Have you ever had an idea, talked to other people about it and never did anything with it only to see the exact same item on a store shelf years later?  Well, we do not live in a vacuum, people are very intelligent these days and the internet provides all kinds of avenues to explore our inventive curiosity.  So, if you thought about it, chances are good someone else has also.  The difference – they took a chance, they stepped it up, they took a risk.  Can you?

My radio show guest, Gary Bronga, owner and CEO of Clipeze Inc, is an inventor and author who spoke with me about some of the pitfalls and successes he has had with the product development path he took in life.

If you are holding on to your ideas for fear they may be stolen from you or that someone else will make millions on the idea before you, stop waiting.  Yes, I can say with certainty, if you do nothing, they will make millions on the idea.  So, do you want a piece of the pie, the whole pie or none of the pie?  You decide.

Gary speaks about protecting your idea, shares tips on how to see if you have a sellable product and what ways you need to proceed in order to avoid costly mistakes in the marketplace.  You are not the first to bring a product to market but you may be unaware of the legal and business practices that are necessary to collect the big final check.

All ideas are great, some are dreams and many are big winners for customers.  If you are looking to supplement your income, change professions, or take a leap of faith, get Gary’s words and process behind you.  He offers tips and tons of references on his website.  Take advantage of his knowledge sharing and see what you can do to cash that check!