Yoga in 2012! It is mobile!

Remember the hippies with yoga in the 70’s?  I do and yes, I just passed on by thinking I would never be able to do something like that and besides, it must be woo, woo.

Today, yoga is for the young, old, sick and unhealthy of us all.  How is that?  Mobile Yoga comes to you!  Daniela and Taqiy were my guests on the radio and we spoke about how yoga is so great for creating life movement.

Daniela Bycoffe of Body by Power-Gy in Brooklyn has found a way to bring the movements and benefits of yoga to those in the assisted living homes and community gardens of Brooklyn.  She is working with Taqiy of Power-Gy to share fitness and body wellness to anyone that will listen in their community.

If you believe you need to make a change in your community and would like to speak with Daniela or Taqiy, please contact them here.