Feeling sore after working out? Try some energy support from Power-Gy

If you are just taking a multi vitamin and thinking you are covered but decide to stop working out after a bout with significant loss of energy or soreness, think again.

You may just not be taking the right supplements for working out, try Power-Gy.   You do not have to buy a large quantity, can try one item and see how you like it, and see if your soreness goes away with an increase in exercise.

Movement of the body will always put a stress and strain on muscles or joints that have been dormant for months or years.  Your health is most important so giving up should not be an option when you hit the wall and feel like it might be too much.

My radio guest Taqiy from Power-gy in Brooklyn spoke about the product line and how it may help you.  Check them out here.

Movement is good, pain and soreness is not.  Supplement the nutrients your body burns or lacks due to increase in exercise.