Have breathing or sleep issues? Elderly? Do you have cancer? WondaWedge!

The WondaWedge while being wonderful,  is not a miracle to cure cancer or aging but it is truly a miracle of support for all the symptoms that illness and aging can bring.  It is an inflatable triangle that can align and support your body where nothing else can.  I do believe there is true comfort of the body and soul in the arms of our loved ones however so many people do not have someone to hold them til they heal.  The WondaWedge is supportive, can be adjusted in firmness by inflation capacity, can hold you up to breathe better and drain lymphatics post surgery, while also being able to be put around the body in any position to support you.

My recent show guest was Margie Williams of Cypress Creek Marketing that is the distributor for WondaWedge globally.  We spoke about all the ways this product can help others.  Important to note; it is inexpensive so if needed for medical support it may be covered by insurance, it is inflatable so you can deflate and take it along with you in your purse or bag, there is potentially no way others will have it so it is a great gift to anyone.  I offered the challenge:  tell me about one person you know that does NOT need this product and I will gift you one.  This offer is limited and will expire.

The WondaWedge is also for comfort in sleeping, in campers, on cots, away from home, and on the ground.  I know, so many say they are not in those instances, but I bet you are uncomfortable when you are away from your home bed.  Think that might be eased by this pillow?

Margie does give discounts, contact her through the website.  If you have a concern and you wish to speak with her prior to purchase, contact her and she will return the call.

This October, forgo the flowers to a person with breast cancer and gift her a WondaWedge, use the work PINK in your check out until the end of October.  Calling all military families; you can gift this pillow to servicemen with an APO address, please contact Margie prior to ordering for the discount code.

If your heart, lungs and spine are not supported and aligned, you will have health concerns.  This is the simplest thing to start to try to feel better.

At anytime you need extra support, contact me here.  Be safe and well.