Water water every where and not a drop to drink? or rather water is no where these days and is it safe?

Water wars have started!  Did you ever think in the last century that you would be paying to drink water?  Did you ever have a clue that in this century, water would be so far a distant relative of the pure spring water, that it is almost unrecognizable?  I never did and I am shocked by the current water wars that have cultivated themselves of recent months.  The drought, high cost of doing business and the perpetual dumping of toxins into the water is making it a cesspool of unidentified substances.  As pools of water are reduced by the heat, the bottom of the pool is highly concentrated and should almost be handled as a toxic waste dump.  So, where does the city get your drinking water from?  Keep in mind, these items will not be identified, ‘if I don’t know what is in there then I do not have to go looking for the silent resident in the water’, as told to me by a water testing authority.

My recent radio show guest was Igor Milevskiy from Pure Effect FiltersWe talked water!  Did you hear the show?  If not, here is the link for a free listen on blog talk radio and link here for free listen on iTunes.

I know that you are concerned about different items in the water but what items are posing a risk that you have not considered?  Radiation, chemicals, prescription drugs, bacteria cysts, petro chemicals, pesticide run off, fluoride and on and on………..  Do I really need to go on?

Pure Effect Filters is a resource to hear about the latest water incidents in the world.  The events page of the website tells the dark information that may have missed your AOL or Yahoo front page.

Why do a filter?  Our water is so dirty that it is potentially interacting with the medications, foods and other items we are putting into our bodies.  Drink a gallon a day?  Not me!

There are tons of filters on the market but I would like to share this with you:  they are NOT created equal.  If a filter tells you:  change me in Years! or never needs changing  , please run from this product.  Just like your air filter in your car that cleans the air, your water filters need to be changed very often in response to the amount of stuff it cleans out.  Example:  if you go through a dust storm in Arizona, your air filter will need to be replaced after five or so of these storms, I know because I did it.  If you keep your car in the garage and only go out once a week to the store, then you will get a longer life out of your car filter, perhaps months.  Got it?!

Pure Effect Filters filter out all the dangers in water through your tap and also for a whole home system.  Please try them.  No pieces or product is from Asian sources.  Manufactured in the United States.  Your product is guaranteed as is your peace of mind.  When you use the filters, you know what is the end product and that items with ‘no names’ have been removed.

Bottled water?  Forget it!  It is tap water or reverse osmosis water.  Neither is safe.  Neither is the bottle.  Neither is the method of transporting the item in safe conditions with a plastic bottle.  Did you know that bottled water is increasing in foreign items in it since they do not test for the ‘no names’ of items (refer back to the beginning of this article, if I don’t see it, don’t know it, don’t want to know it, have no reason for it, then I don’t test for it)?  There is even a squabble with overseas water bottle processors that want to have one set of limits of ‘stuff’ in the water but the companies cannot agree what should be OK?  Styrene and fluoride are crazy to be in excess in the water.

So, what is the best thing to do?  Get this filter system.  Try it out.  See what you think and share your thoughts here.  I know you will not return it because there is no other product that delivers clean water to this extent, made in the United States and has great customer service.  If you do not know what to purchase and want to talk to someone, please do call the number on the website as I know that Igor would be happy to help you.