How to purchase health supplements and nutrient based products that are good and safe

Have you heard all the tag lines:  eat a plant-based diet, be a vegan, take your vitamins, drink your greens, boost my energy, pills, powders, food as medicine, and ‘the super pills’?  How many of these have you spent money on and tried to get the healthy boost you were looking for?  Expiration date?  Is there even one and why is it for a year or two out?  Yikes!  What the heck is in that plant-based, supposedly ‘chock full of nutrients super pill’ that keeps it stable for two years?

Are you asking all these questions or do they ding a bell in your head when you are at the grocery store, pharmacy store or online and you are purchasing the almighty eye candy tag line with your credit card?

There are millions of tips; on the internet, from friends and co-workers about health boosting items they are recommending and taking.  I would suggest:  take a different road and start to know what you should purchase and what to walk away from.

I get products coming across my email and desk daily.  I love to see this because it confirms the concept that our diet is not providing health sustaining nutrients and everyone is starting to know we need help in getting these items from another source.

This is how I look at items and make choices, perhaps you can also start to think this way when you pick up an item, hear about something new and need help in the health department:

  • If the expiration date is years out, put it back:  nutrients are at their peak when they are included in the product at shipping.  Do you really think they can last for two years?
  • Long ingredient list:  may have fillers, the nutrients may be coming from another source (example:  on Splenda with vitamin B, it is from corn fiber), may have ‘colors’ that really do not need to be there.
  • Tablets with multiple nutrient items in them:  I stay away from tablets.  Things are thrown into a bucket list and then compressed into a stable tablet.  If your digestion system is not perfect (fyi, no one’s is these days) then it is not digested and absorbed.  Tons of fillers keep the items in check.
  • Too many claims made on the bottle:  If you have to reassure me every time I pick up the item what it promises to do, then I feel like Pavlov the dog, tell me now and I will take it and I will believe it.  Dah, no I don’t think so.  I like clean bottles with the item that I want labeled on it, period.  Less is best here.
  • Keep refrigerated after opening:  Well if I need to refrigerate it after opening, then why did the store have it displayed out in the sun where it was almost boiling?  I like to think of nutrients as stable as meat:  if they have a way they are happy, then give it to them, if they are held or transported outside that space then the stability is questionable.  Have you ever wondered if the potency of the product that left the company packaging plant is the same item that you are taking today?  I do.
  • Buy only what you need immediately:  Do not buy ten bottles because the company is having a sale.  They are dumping on you.  That is a clear indication the items are either packaged with a high level of stabilizers or it is potentially a dead product.  If you cannot use it in less than six months, I would not purchase it.
  • Clean out your cabinets, office space, and car of items more than six months old:  Why?  They have been opened and exposed to heat and air.  They should be deteriorating after the first month or so if they are in the car and office.  Think of them as fruit and vegetables, would you leave them in these conditions?
  • Buy products with a few ingredients, not a shopping list:  a super pill or one product does it all is not realistic.  While there are great combo products, there should still not be over ten items in that product and that is pushing it.  Why?  If you have a reaction or do not get results, can you tell me what the item is in that product that is the culprit?

Many people just say:  “I tried that and it didn’t work so don’t bother me”when that could not be further from the truth, they just have not followed the tips above.  If it is dead product, expired, mishandled, over processed, burned, steamed, distilled, cooked, fried, or slammed together in a bucket list of items then you have no sense of what that item would really do for you.

Suggestion:  follow the tips above.  Get a single item from a good company and have it shipped directly from them or only one or two distributors out.  Pay a fair price and take care of it when it arrives at your home.  Do not abuse it and demand it perform; that will not ever happen and you will be throwing good money down the drain and so your health will follow.

Know what you are getting, ask questions, take an interest.  You spend more time buying a car or house than you do at the vitamin and supplement aisle. 

Aren’t you worth more?