Cleaner trauma conditions post natural earth event possible? Yes, it should be supplied to disaster areas immediately following an event, but is it??

Have you ever had the need to access trauma care post a natural disaster?  I have.

Have you ever wondered about that care?  I have.

Have you ever thought ‘I will take what they give me since this is what is available’?  I have.

Post a natural disaster, healthcare services are generally set up in large open buildings that have sustained the least amount of damage.  The facility can be a large dome, church, old parking lot, or a tent.

While these places are needed and by no means do I want them to go away.  People can die without the emergency services they provide.

However, let us think about this a different way:  provide surgically clean air, free from particles, in a small area to treat the urgent emergency cases which are involving an open body cavity.

The IMEX arcSterile cabin for air quality control provides reduced air particle of surgical quality in a small safe room cabin that can be assembled in any room that has previous air conditioning services.  Puncture wounds, severe cuts, immediate complications due to heart, lung or organ damage and broken visual bones could benefit from the reduction of potentially dangerous particles in the air.

I remember post Hurricane Katrina:  the air was filled with mold and other toxins that were not even tested to see if they existed and for more than a year afterwards, the sky was filled with a white dust.  The movement of structures, the clean up of the area and the dumping of red bag pollution was extensive and not monitored.

It was a shock to all who did not understand, the air quality of the area was not monitored to give you all the information you may have wanted to know.  It is called ‘a state of emergency’.  And did you think this emergency declaration was just for a day, week, month or year?  It was indefinite.

Instead of being paralyzed with this information, let us look at other ways to protect the people when we offer them emergency services post a natural disaster.  It may be great to stitch them up but if the air around them while we are debriding the wound is full of ‘who knows what’, then we are doing them a disservice and the result may be worse than what brought them in.

Let the healthcare community have access to these ‘clean air’ rooms post a natural disaster.  We will be advocating for the IMEX arcSterile cabin to start becoming available to first responders groups that provide healthcare.

Through this link, we provide support before and after natural disasters.

Through this link, we discuss the needs rebuilding communities require post earth events.

Dr. Gallagher may be directly contacted here for companies who wish ask her how she sees this cabin being used in other venues.