Out of the Box healthcare support? What are you waiting for? 2012 change!

In the past year, I have had calls from so many people who had just been diagnosed with a serious and potentially fatal disease.  What has been so unique about the requests for ‘out of the box’ healthcare?  They came at the end stage of life.

Over 75% of the people who contacted me in 2011 were searching for the random, unique and saving therapies.  Their first question was:  ‘I read about this therapy and I wanted to know if you would do it for me?’.  The search for the last straw, the last life line and the last hope to save them.

While there are thousands of alternative medicine therapies, end stage disease is a frightening place to be with no direction.  Since the blossoming of the internet, almost anyone can post information and take absolutely everything out of context.

If you find your self looking at an end stage of any disease, take heart.  There are others out there to help you, however, you must define what help really looks like to you.  Help in days to live or help in holding you here because of your fear are quite common.

This year of 2012 will be very busy with beginnings and endings.  It is the time to step up and ask for help if you need it.  Take a close look at what you are asking for help.  It may be headaches, but perhaps the quality of your blood vessels may be a second issue, and the real issue – stress or body misalignment.  But then again, it can be none of these. It may be cancer, but your real question is ‘how do I live with the pain’.

How do you look at ‘Out of the Box healthcare’ support?  You ask.  You put everything in front of you that you learn.  Then and only then, you choose.  And it is important to remember, you may choose and it does not work, so you can choose again.  Ah, the fun of not having to be right all the time.

So, as the new year approaches, a suggestion might be:  to think about my health in a different way, what I can do, what I don’t want to do and how can I still blossom this year of 2012.

Supporters and ideas are all around us.  Step up and take a challenge.  Challenge yourself to try something different.  Challenge yourself to do what you already know.  It is the year.

The end of life, the middle of challenges and the beginning of prevention:  all are welcome!  Please ask for help.  You just never know what could be possible.