What is Moment to Moment Living?

Have you noticed your life is so different that it was just a few years ago?  Are you still doing things the way you used to do them or have circumstances required you… Continue reading

Looking for healing in all the wrong places? Perhaps it is in you all along

Are you feeling the need to find healing and are desperate to find someone who can help you?  Is it the magic prescription you bring home, cling to the bottle and set your… Continue reading

Therapeutic Humor; why would I want humor when I am in pain and sorrow?

Therapeutic humor; ‘oh please don’t take away my pain and suffering, I am completely comfortable with it’, really?  Are the ties of grief and despair at times so much that you are no… Continue reading

Saving money and becoming debt free in an economic slump? Yes!

How to be debt free and keep a saving account in an economy that seems to be tanking monthly for some reason or another; is that possible?  Are you living on plastic with… Continue reading

Brain issues with children or adults? Try ‘Unlocking the Einstein Inside’.

Children and adults have a large potential to access every brain cell available and the book ‘Unlocking the Einstein Inside‘ co author  Tanya Mitchell of LearningRx has the steps to achieve this without… Continue reading

Leaving your children with a Nanny? Be sure to know all the in’s and out’s first

Nanny for your children?  Is this for the rich, the privileged, the overworked parents or the family that travels for business?  This may be true in many instances but Nannies are increasingly being… Continue reading

The Take Charge Patient, are you one? Why not?

Are you The Take Charge Patient?  Did you even know there was one?  So, how was your last visit to your doctor?  Productive, full of answers, you felt listened to, you came away… Continue reading

Changing your diet or being a vegetarian is SOO hard! No it’s not!

You know you need to make a change in your diet but you simply do not know where to start, ask for help.  Are greens and fruits in your future but your lifestyle… Continue reading

Non-GMO seeds in your future? Want to start planting your own safe food? Territorial Seed Company to the rescue

Notice that Prop 37 did not pass in California this past election day?  What does that mean or why should I care?  You should care because you do not know if the food… Continue reading

Has suicide affected your family? Is this word even being mentioned?

Suicide:  the final act, the end, the action from a reaction, and on, and on.  Suicide has been increasing exponentially in the world over the last ten years.  Why?  Desperation, financial loss, inability… Continue reading

Dating over 40, 50 or even 60? Yes, stay in life, enjoy the ride

Have you lost a spouse to divorce, death or other life event?  Think your life is over?  Whoa!!  Life is not over until your last breath so time to live it up a… Continue reading

Clipeze Badge Holder: product launch from a home computer and $500 to a 6 digit company

‘Clipeze‘, what is it?  Why should I be interested?  Because if you have a product that you have been thinking about, writing all over napkins about it, and wishing you could ‘go big’… Continue reading

Healthy choice of cookie? Almondina brand Biscotti fits the bill

Have you ever heard of Almondina brand biscotti biscuits?  Me neither.  I was looking for ‘something’ that would satisfy my sweet, crunch and salt cravings without all the chemicals, hard to pronounce words… Continue reading

NO Diapers for Incontinence! Wearever briefs for men and panty for women

Why do diapers for incontinence when there is another solution for men and women?  Wearever briefs that look like other mens briefs and panties for women made of silk and lace are the… Continue reading

What is ‘Gratitude’? Ego, self preservation, kudos?

Gratitude:  what is it?  Being thankful for something received?  Does it always have to be from someone else?  Is it material?  Can you ‘hang your hat’ on it?  Is it tangible?  Is it… Continue reading

Feeling sore after working out? Try some energy support from Power-Gy

If you are just taking a multi vitamin and thinking you are covered but decide to stop working out after a bout with significant loss of energy or soreness, think again. You may… Continue reading

Hypnosis for life challenges is fast, easy, painless and done by the “World’s Famous Hypnotist” John Cerbone

Do you need to quit smoking, need help on studying, want to lose weight, or get over a loss in your life?  John Cerbone, “World’s Famous Hypnotist” can help. No, there is no… Continue reading

Yoga in 2012! It is mobile!

Remember the hippies with yoga in the 70’s?  I do and yes, I just passed on by thinking I would never be able to do something like that and besides, it must be… Continue reading

Have breathing or sleep issues? Elderly? Do you have cancer? WondaWedge!

The WondaWedge while being wonderful,  is not a miracle to cure cancer or aging but it is truly a miracle of support for all the symptoms that illness and aging can bring.  It… Continue reading

Are your hands clean? What to do about germs and where are germs?

Water, water, everywhere, and so are germs.  Be they good or bad germs or in between, can you really tell and what the heck should you be doing about it?  As the cold… Continue reading

Water water every where and not a drop to drink? or rather water is no where these days and is it safe?

Water wars have started!  Did you ever think in the last century that you would be paying to drink water?  Did you ever have a clue that in this century, water would be… Continue reading

Immuno-Viva: A company with nutrients dense supplements that enhances your immunity and a NO FISH Omega Oil product

Today, my radio show guest was Mark Mueller, the President of Immuno-Viva which is a company that provides  nutrient dense health supplements. I was drawn to this company for three specific reasons: the… Continue reading

How to purchase health supplements and nutrient based products that are good and safe

Have you heard all the tag lines:  eat a plant-based diet, be a vegan, take your vitamins, drink your greens, boost my energy, pills, powders, food as medicine, and ‘the super pills’?  How… Continue reading

Organic food donations to food banks and shelters by The Generous Garden Project

Planting seeds this summer?  Consider making a donation to The Generous Garden Project in Greenville, South Carolina.  Bo Cable is the director and it is his vision that no one goes hungry by… Continue reading

Sudden heart death and Z-pacs? Not you? Think again…

Current report of the popular antibiotic Azithromycin potentially increasing the risk of sudden death due to potentially fatal heart issues is in the news this week. Azithromycin may up chance of sudden cardiac… Continue reading

Medicare provider: avoid CMS penalty by e-prescribing now

If you are a Medicare provider, you must be e-prescribing by June 30, 2012 and have completed all the paperwork required prior to this date. If you have a system for prescribing, be… Continue reading

Name one thing you are expecting from “healthcare”, thoughts?

Can you name one thing you are expecting from your healthcare?  Just one. If you go to your physician and hear you are healthy but there are things to keep an eye on,… Continue reading

Cleaner trauma conditions post natural earth event possible? Yes, it should be supplied to disaster areas immediately following an event, but is it??

Have you ever had the need to access trauma care post a natural disaster?  I have. Have you ever wondered about that care?  I have. Have you ever thought ‘I will take what… Continue reading

“Clean Series” of supplements coming: kind of make you wonder what was in there before? Labeling questions.

Recently, at the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, California many products were touting the ‘natural’ or ‘clean’ labels to entice customers. Twinlab is promoting a new product line for athletes that will… Continue reading

Out of the Box healthcare support? What are you waiting for? 2012 change!

In the past year, I have had calls from so many people who had just been diagnosed with a serious and potentially fatal disease.  What has been so unique about the requests for… Continue reading